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Control your Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Marijuana / Cannabis

Control your Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Marijuana / Cannabis published on

Anxiety and panic attacks are common in many patients, but it is much more common in those who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. This is a condition that is initially caused because of exposure to a stressful or traumatic incident. Once the incident has been witnessed by a person, it can cause repeated panic attacks and also severe stress. Anxiety, depression and other such psychiatric problems are common in those who suffer from this post traumatic stress disorder. In fact, a psychologist who has been working for 25 years with those suffering from anxiety and depression feels that these attacks can be prevented and treated effectively with medical marijuana. Dr Romulo Valdez works with the Dartmouth Medical Center and feels that cannabis is more effective in treating these conditions than with the regular medicines that are commonly used by psychiatrists.

According to Dr Romulo Valdez, the marijuana helps in controlling panic and anxiety attacks in several ways as listed here:

1. Reduces blood pressure: Blood pressure can be a sign of anxiety and panic. Usually, there is a sudden rise in the blood pressure in those who suffer from panic attacks. There is a sudden release of adrenaline from the body and this leads to severe panic and flight reactions. When marijuana is used, it helps in not only controlling, but also prevention of such sudden rise in the blood pressure. Other than keeping the blood pressure under control, marijuana also helps in preventing panic attacks and reduces anxiety.

2. Reduces memory of specific events: The memory of specific events usually causes panic attacks. It also causes a person to suffer from repeated remembrance of the events leading up to a panic attack. When medical cannabis is used on a regular basis, the memory of such specific incidents that cause panic attacks will reduce. When the memory of such incidents reduces, it helps in controlling and preventing such attacks. A research done with rats has confirmed that the memory of stress and trauma caused by previous incidents are forgotten with a daily dose of cannabis.

3.ak marijuana with every order Soothes the mind: The other effect that medical marijuana has on the brain is that it soothes the mind. There is decreased firing of the brain neurons and this helps in reducing the severity of panic attacks. Over a period of time, there are no attacks altogether. So, there is a fast response of the mind to the use of medical marijuana. There is a decrease in the anxiety levels and this prevents panic attacks altogether.

Research in human subjects will soon commence and after that is successful, more psychiatrists are likely to use medical marijuana for the treatment of complicated chronic diseases.