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Reduce epileptic seizures with Marijuana

Reduce epileptic seizures with Marijuana published on

Marijuana was a drug that was looked down upon for many years, but there has been a lot of research into the beneficial effects of marijuana in recent years. Medical marijuana is very versatile because it is available in many different forms. For example, it is available in the form of vapor that can be inhaled. It is also available in the form of tablets and can be swallowed. There are also some people who even smoke medical marijuana. There are also other forms of this medication like the liquid form and the leaf form.

There are several benefits of using medical marijuana for medical conditions. The commonly known benefits include the reduction in pain and a reduction in the muscle spasm. Recent research has also shown that this unique medication can help to reduce the number of seizures that an epileptic patient suffers from.

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Top reasons for epileptic patients to use medical marijuana
1. Reduction in the severity of seizures: There is a definite reduction in the severity of seizures that patients suffer from. Usually seizures in children can be caused easily by a triggering factor. Since the severity of the seizure is reduced, many side effects are prevented. It can even help affected people to have a better quality of life after this therapy.

2. Reduction in the number of seizure episodes: The use of marijuana therapy can also help in the reduction in the number of seizure episodes. Repeated seizures can cause permanent long term changes in the human nervous system leading to chronic problems. This can be overcome with the new therapy.

3. Treatment of patients unresponsive to other therapies: The other major benefit of using this liquid form of medical marijuana to treat epileptic patients is that it will be helpful in the treatment of those who are unresponsive to other kinds of treatment. The conventional treatments may not help all patients and there are some patients who will be unresponsive to these regular drugs. Even such patients have been found to be responsive to this new therapy.

4. Reduction of symptoms in patients who had severe form of epilepsies: The fact that research has shown that the liquid marijuana therapy helps in the reduction o symptoms in patients who even had severe form of epilepsies is a very good sign. These forms of epilepsies could even cause chronic impairments in the patients that include permanent disability. Since the marijuana therapy is able to reduce symptoms in those with such severe forms of the disease, it is a boon to those who suffer from the disease.